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    calendar connection to a table with To and Fro

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi guys,


      May be I am thinking wrong. please correct me.

      I have this problem.


      I have a Table for Example:





      Valid From,

      Valid To,



      From Contract Table;


      Now I need to make a calendar and link to it. The Date which I am selecting in my Calendar must be lying between ValidFrom to

      ValidTo of the contract. For Example Year = 2011, Month = May Day = 5 must show the Valid contracts.There are other Tables other than this contract.


      Am I thinking right?

      what are the different methods and how to do it?


      what I was thinking is this:


      1)Find the Min and Max Dates from ValidFrom and ValidTo Tables

      2)Store in Variables.

      3) Make a while Loop and generate Dates between ValidFrom and ValidTo

      - Ex: 01.01.2011 to 31.12.2011

      Now I get all the Dates as a Field Date

      This Field Date must be also Joined to the Contract Table to get the connection for selection.

      Now should I make a Common_Key of ValidFrom,ValidTo and Date Keys in Calendar and Contract Table with a LinkTable to select a Date or how it works?


      Any Idea..