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    How to avoid automatic concatenation



      I've got an Excel-file with multiple sheets. Each sheet contains the same set of fields and even partially have the same data. I added an example to clarify the situation: Suppose each sheet represents the results of a certain month (sheetname: Y11M01 for January 2011) for a fixed set of variables (column A in each sheet).


      I created a grahical view for 1 month to start, now want to expand the dataset to the whole year.


      When I load the different sheets in Qlikview, they automatically concatenate (attachment: Screenshot.jpg) when uploaded. I get no error messages but the graphical result is completely messed up.


      How can I upload these different sheets so I can create grahics on results, calculations,.. on the data available in the three sheets (separately or combined) or how to program so there considered to be three different linked tables.


      Thanks in advance for the suggestions,