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    Reload taking more time upon changing variable name

      Hi all,

        I observed that in one of my qlikview scripts, upon changing a particular variable name, reload is taking very long (with unusually high CPU consumption). Reload happens smooth and fast when I revert the variable to the old name. I know this would not happen in general, but I have cross checked this multiple times across different machines and the same behaviour repeats.

        Also, nowhere in the forums is this reported, hence I am posting here. Has anyone encountered this issue?

        • Reload taking more time upon changing variable name
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          I have not noticed that behavior. Can you please elaborate on the version of QlikView you are using, if it happens in Server or Desktop, and how is the value assigned to the variable? Does that happen when you change the name (only the name, not the LET or SET statement) to anything else or just a specific word?


          Hope that helps.



            • Reload taking more time upon changing variable name

              Hi Miguel,

                 Thanks for the response.

                 My Qlikview version is 10.00.9061.7 SR3 64-bit Edition and I am working on a licensed Qlikview desktop edition.

                 It happens when I change the variable name. Fro example, when my variable name is non_replacement_order_flag, the reload is slow. But when I change it to valid_order_flag, it happens fast. The variable value will be 1 or null().

                  To give you more context, I have another variable at a later point in the script that is named item_non_replacement_order_flag. I wonder if this can be any cause for a conflict.