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    QVP SR7: Successful SAP tasks marked as failure

    Trevor Roth

      After a recent upgrade from QV9 SR3 to SR7 we noticed some sporadic failures when pulling from SAP. Occasionally, SAP refuses our connection (it’s busy) and our first attempt to pull a given table will fail. QVP properly records this as a failure and attempts a second connection (we allow 3 attempts per task). If the second connection is successful QVP still thinks it’s a failure (since the first attempt failed). The QVP task kicks off a third time, the query is successful, QVD is built – however QVP still thinks it failed (since the first one failed). Of course this breaks all task chaining and task dependencies we have created.



      We can see this behavior in the attached log files:


      ** notice how QVP marks attempt #2 a failure as the query is sent to SAP -- then the query returns successfully about 20 minutes later.

      ** notice how we are actually writing the same QVD file twice


      Task Log        Line 17            @ 4:40AM start attempt 1

      DocLog          Line 262         SAP times out our first QlikView connection (attempt 1 fails)

      Task Log        Line 52           attempt 1 fails

      Task Log        Line 78           attempt 2 starts

      DocLog          Line266          QVP runs the QVW asecond time (attempt 2 starts)

      DocLog          Line 518         @ 4:41AM The SQL query is sent to SAP

      TaskLog         Line85            @ 4:41AM The task is marked as a failure in QVP

      DocLog          Line526         @ 5:23Am the Query returns from SAP with 1.7M rows

      DocLog          Line532          @ 5:23 the QVW refresh is complete (QVD is written)

      Task Log        Line 86            @5:23 QVP aborts the reload

      Task Log        Line 99            @ 5:23 QVP starts attempt 3

      DocLog         --------             attempt 3 is missing from document log

      Task Log        Line 119          @ 5:23 QVP aborts the reload

      Task Log        Line 122          @ 5:58 QVP states reload failed (notice time difference, the query was returned from SAP asecond time)

      Task Log        Line 134          @ 5:58 QVP has tried 3 times and failed, so task ends in a failure. 


      Notice that our production QVD was created twice. The first time @ 5:23, and then again @ 5:58AM. (I documented this in screenshots, but didn't attach them).


      I thought I remember this issue being identified as a SR3 bug. Thoughts? Was this bug actually fixed? Maybe it wasn’t fixed until QV 10?


      System Specs:

      Single physical server; Windows Server 2003 R2; Standard x64 bit; 28GB RAM (8 CPUs)

      QVS/QVP are both QV9 SR7 (9.0.7808.9)

      Our SAP Connector is version:  5.1.6680.0 (yes, old version -- but working fine until the upgrade to SR7)


      Have any of you experienced this? Thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!