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    something wrong with my if expression

      Hi Guys,


      I'm proberly doing something wrong, I have a filename: Commercial_ED_REL_GCPR_272022793_2011-12-29.txt

      Where I allready extracted the Ordernumber from by using the following expression:

           mid(filename(),Index(filename(),'PR_')+3,9) as OrderNo,


      Now I'm trying to add an if statement to it, if the number after 'PR_'starts with 27 then 'True' otherwise 'False'.

      This is my expression:

           if(mid(filename(),index(filename(),'PL_')+3,2)='27','True','False') as Test,


      There must be something wrong with my expression since I only get False as a result.

      Hope someone can help


      Thanks in advance!



        • something wrong with my if expression
          Stefan Wühl

          Shouldn't you use 'PR_' as second argument to the index function?

            • Re: something wrong with my if expression

              Hi Stefan,


              Thanks! I'm appearantly not so sharp at the end of the day. lol But

              you are right! It should have been 'PR_' instead of 'PL'_.




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            • something wrong with my if expression
              Stephen Redmond



              I find that too many functions and subfunctions can confuse me so I will generally turn to the Preceeding Load to do this type of thing:



                        if(Left(OrderNo, 2)=27, 'True', 'False') As Is27,



                        SubField(filename, '_', 5) as OrderNo,


              LOAD Field1,



                   FileName() as filename



              (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



              Note that I have used the SubField function to extract the OrderNo - I think that it is a better method if the filename has a fixed structure like this.