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    IE Plugin vs Ajax

    Nancy Schaedel

      Issue is two fold - 1)client cannot get IE plug in to work in a way to bypass access point when entering the document URL directly

                                 2) client prefers ie plug in vs ajax because experiencing functional and graphical deficiencies using ajax


      1 )Client cannot get IE Plug in to work in a way that the acces point can be bypassed. The users are on one domain and the

      server is on another. Could this be creating issues with connecting directly using the URL vs needing to go through the access point?


      2)Suggested using ajax but client noted 'Many rich media features such as click-and drag to select data on graphs, only works with the IE plug-in' .

      I know ajax view is not quite as crisp but are there functions as the one mentioned above that cannot be perfromed using ajax?


      Client did provided example where a graph displays using IE plug in but not using ajax. Is there a transparency setting in ajax that might be causing this to ocurr. I cannot seem to locate it if there is.


      Thanks in advance.