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    Issue with Info Load from Database


         I need to extract images from a table in DB2 DataWarehouse.


      The table Att contains following fields:

      Id- image iD

      Image type- Type of image like(image/jpeg,image/gif etc)

      image- BLOB images


      When I do a script like:

      info select id, image

      from db.att;


      When i do =info(ID) in a text box all i see is Hexadecimal characters like FFA0000GH.......


      I am not sure what Is wrong. When i see a preview in blob viewer also I dont see the image. The same images are being read by a JAVA app where the image is concatenated with image type ti identify it as a GIF or JPEG image. Does this have anything to do with the error? I think that Qlikview Doesn't identify the BLOb as an image without the proper image type. Is there any solution for this?