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    How to Merge 2 columns Year filed into one?

      Dear All,


      I get my data from 2 table sources, so one is suppose is called AExpiredDate and another one is BExpiredDate

      so i wish to display these two in to one instead.


      for example data source A

      AExpiredDate    Amount

      --------------------    --------------

      2012/02/03           12


      BExpiredDate   Amount

      ---------------------   ---------------

      2012/03/03           8


      So, i wish to get my result like below

      ExpiredYear      Amount

      -------------------    ----------------

      FY2012                 20


      The Dimention i written something like this.. :

      if((Var_Tenant_Name<>'Vacant' and Var_Tenant_Monthly<>'Y') ,'FY' & Year(Var_Tenancy_Expiry),

        if(Var_Tenant_Name<>'Vacant' and Var_Tenant_Monthly<>'N','Monthly Tenancy' ))


      how am i going to merge this two different field into one?


      Hope to hear from the solution..