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    What informations contain .meta and .shared files ?

      Hi all,


      we have actually 10 proview applications running on a server and used in Ajax mode by users.

      we have a problem when we deliver some enhancements on these applications.

      A message "Unexpected exception occurs" appears in Internet Explorer with no possibility to access application.


      A solution is to delete the file ".meta" on the server but I don't know what informations contains this file and what will be the consequence for the users?

      If possible, can you also give me informations about .shared file?


      Thanks a lot for your answers



        • What informations contain .meta and .shared files ?



          I do not know anything about .meta, but the .shared contains for example:


          - User selections for restoring selections when user opens the report next time

          - Manual inputs

          - Changes when document is release for online colaboration




          • What informations contain .meta and .shared files ?

            Hi Nallet,


            As i know that the access control list is maintain in the .meta file which is attached to the document i.e.qvwdocument.meta . We use it through DMS authorisation.


            It may help you...

            • Re: What informations contain .meta and .shared files ?
              Emmanuelle Bustos

              Hi Grégory Nallet  you can see in the Server reference manual all about .meta files as this:


              9.1 User Documents

              A user document is the document that an end user sees when accessing a document on QlikView Server (QVS). To fully identify a user document, both the QVS server/cluster and the path relative to the server have to be known. Technically, a user document consists of three files:


              1. .qvw file that contains the data and layout.


              2. .META file that contains:

                   a. AccessPoint attributes

                   b. Pre-load options

                   c. Authorization (Document Metadata Service – that is, DMS – mode only)


              3. .Shared file (see below)


              Note! If the user document is distributed by the QlikView Distribution Service, both the .qvw and the data in the .META file are overwritten.

              Shared Files

              -There are multiple objects available for user collaboration and sharing through QlikView Server:


              -Sheet objects, including charts




              From Server Reference Manual pp. 51 (Attached)



              And concerning to the "Unexpected Error Occurred" have you been able to reproduce the issue, and are you totally sure by deleting the .meta files you solve the problem?