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    Display related field in Expression after an IF evaluation


      In an objects expression I want to display the last station for each train together with the timestamp. I am thinking about an expression as the following, but this one doesn't work:

      IF([Train station Timestamp]=MAX([Train station Timestamp]),[Train station Name])

      The itinerary table essentially looks as following:

      TrainID, [Train station Timestamp], [Train station Name]

      6531, Nov 1, 2009 23:56, Zwolle

      6531, Nov 1, 2009 23:45 Assen

      6531, Nov 1, 2009 23:22 Groningen

      8924, Nov 1, 2009 14:23 Arnhem

      8924, Nov 1, 2009 14:43 Utrecht

      8924, Nov 1, 2009 15:05 Amsterdam

      I want to do this in an objects expression where the dimension is the TrainID. I would prefer not to fall back on precalculating this in the script.

      Anybody a suggestion?