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    can qlikview publisher access vb script or jscript written in qlikview document?

    Uday Kumar



      i have a scenario that,

      there will be three folders in the qlikview server consider,

      first, middle and final folders.

      we will be creating reports for every month.

      there will be jan 2012 report will be in middle folder, current month feb 2012 report will be in first folder.

      there will be a application, in that there will be one button. clicking on that button,

      it should move the jan 2012 report from middle folder to final and the current month report from first to middle folder.

      how we can do this?

      can we write a script in qlikview?  Can qlikview publisher access these script to do this task?

      or can anyone give me idea or solution that how i can do it?

      thanks in advance