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    Martin Lindberg Lüttge



      I have several large clients where I would like to use this PowerTool for managing CALs on the QlikView server, but I can't seem to decipher how to put the syntax together correctly.


      I have connection to the QlikVIew server through the qv-user-manager.exe and have successfully gotten a list of users, both in the command-prompt and as a .csv-file.


      I would now like to try to assign a CAL to a specific user and a specific document. As far as I can see in the readme-file, the syntax should go something like this:


      qv-user-manager.exe -a=CAL -d=QlikViewDocument.qvw


      ...and that is as far as I can get. How do I define which specific user (i.e "domain1\user1") I would like to assign a document CAL for document "QlikViewDocument.qvw" to?


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