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    Visual Cues - IF

    Sunil Kenth

      Hi All,


      I need some help with an IF statement to put into a visual cue on a straight table.  I need the cells to highligh red if the KPI = Pick Accuracy and Pd 10 < 99.70%.  I also need it to be green if KPI = Pick Accuracy and Pd 10 > 99.70%.





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          Hello sunil,

          For that do to the expression click on the small + sgin and you will see the background colour option, there you need to write an expression like if(KPI= Pick Accuracy and Pd 10>99.70,Red(), Green()). This helps to highlight the whole cell background in the desired colour.


          Hope this helps.

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            Stefan Wühl

            I believe it is better to use the color attribute expressions on expression tab, then.


            Open e.g. the attribute for the background color by clicking on the plus sign next to the expression label, then enter something like


            =if(KPI='Pick Accuracy', if( Pd10 < 0.997, red(), green())


            Typing to slow ;-)