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    Avoiding a loop in the data model



      I decided to ask the community for this one, i am all out of ideas:


      I have three dimension tables and a fact. All dimensions are dates, and the fact has three date columns and one ID.

      First dimension is the EnteredDate, the second is SentDate and the third is ReceivedDate.


      How can I achieve a graph with three different metrics(expressions) and show in time the count of ID's for each dimension?



      ID     Month

      1     jan

      2     jan

      3     feb

      4     feb

      5     mar



      ID     Month

      1     jan

      2     feb

      4     feb

      5     mar



      ID     Month

      1     mar

      4     mar


      Desired result:


      Month     Entered     Sent     Received

      Jan         2               1          0

      Feb         2               2          0

      Mar         1               1          2



      Thank you!