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    Classification Invoices Lines By Invoice&Part

    Matan Chalamish

      Hello All.

      Please take a look at the attached file.


      In this file I have a pie chart that classify (in the script) invoices lines by size of Invoices line (sales).


      I want to show a pie chart, with  the same Invoices.Class BUT

      If we have at the same invoice# the same part# - I want show them like 1 line but with the sum of all the relative Lines (with the same Invoices# - Part#)


      My problem:

      I still want to see all the Invoices line at the Lines TableBox (with IV).


      It is possible to do that with set analysis?


      Many Tnks -


        • Re: Classification Invoices Lines By Invoice&Part
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if attached sample fulfills your requirement.


          Since your are classifying your Sales lines in the script, I am not sure how to get what you want just by using a set analysis or other chart expression.


          In attached sample, I created a linked table for the Sales aggregated over Part# and Invoice# and classified also these lines.


          Then I can either look at the most granular lines or at the aggregated lines.


          Another way of doing the same is to concatenate both tables, creating a field to flag either the 'detailed' lines resp. 'aggregated' lines. Thus you can have one classification field to select in, and choose what to show by just using the newly created field in a set expression.


          Hope this helps,