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    Set analysis help

      I have been learning about set analysis and notice a lot of discussion posts point to Justin Long's post at http://community.qlik.com/media/p/82604.aspx. Unfortunately, this link no longer works, does anyone have a working link or copy of this post?

        • Set analysis help
          Jason Michaelides

          Unfortunately the migration to the new site lost all links to the old threads and nobody at QlikTech has fixed this.  Sara Leslie (communities manager) has asked to be informed of these as they are found so send her a message.


          I'm hoping QT will action an idea they had a while back of hosting a read-only archive of the old threads...

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              I would, but after 10 unsuccessful attempts to make a post, I have given up on using these forums again.

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  Sometimes posts need to get approved by the community managers before being published (based on some automatism to prevent spam, sometimes these run wild). Then a small notification will be displayed on top your page, but this could be overread easily. So maybe your posts are still pending review, just wait a little (though I know this is kind of annoying, too).