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    Access Point Login Failed w/ NTLM

      I have two machines, same IE, same settings As far as I can determine.


      Clear history, cache etc. before testing.


      Enter URL of Access Point.


      One machine briefly displays the Access Point banner and then goes to "login failed" with no login dialog.


      The other works just fine.


      IE 8.0.7601.17514
      QVServer 10.0.9061.7


      NTLM is being used for authentication.

      Only difference I see using fiddler2 is some cookie information in the handshaking

      Failure machine:
           Cookie: Login=True; PreferedClient=Plugin; qlikmachineid=195d6d90-5e4c-4bf9-9d9f-98f694e386f8

      Successful machine:
           Cookie: Login=True;


      Where/how is this cookie information retained?


      Any suggestions as to what else to check?