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      how to use ranking in the qlik view???


      i have a column named country and other as population. i want to  show the top 5 countries on the basis of population through a bar chart. how to use the ranking expression in it??

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          Celambarasan Adhimulam


               Try with this expression

          =Only({<Country={"=Rank(Population)<6"}>} Population)


               If your using QV 9

                 use expression as Only(Population)

                Then go to the properties-->Presentation-->under dimension limitations check the option max visible number and set as 5.This requires to be sort by y value descending.


               for 10 and 11

               use dimension limits



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            Jason Michaelides

            I don't think you need to use ranking for this.  Just sort your bar chart by population descending and limit the displayed values to 5.


            Hope this helps,