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    Display values of a specific field

      Hi all,


      I have a dataset that containts several values. How can I set a summary box on my dashboard that only shows the total amount for a specific value?

      More concrete: I have invoices that should have a Tax code assigned to them. On the main page of my dashboard I want to have a table, graph... that always shows the number of invoices without a Tax code assigned. I can create a graph that plots all Tax Codes and there I see the number of invoices without one assigned but I would like to have a specific indicator on my main dashboard only showing those invoices.

      I tried to do this by creating a statement in my expression:

      count(if(TAX_CODE= '(Null)',1,0))

      but this doesn't return the expected result. Is there any other way to do this?


      Thanks in advance,

      Kind regards,