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    Issues on Variables and $() expressions

    Martin Goebbels



      I'm using variables in expressions and i think i have found a kind of bug.



      i define on script a variable called vSegmento where i define the value of the field [Segmento] that i'll use on the set expression (for a graph)


      Sum({<[Segmento] = {$(vSegmento)}>} Measure_to_sum)


      Everything works fine when i use


      LET vSegmento = 'Segm_1'


      but when i change it to


      LET vSegmento = 'Segm 1'


      (note the "space" character) there is no data on Graph.


      Sure, i have the values 'Segm_1' and 'Segm 1' as part of the field Segmento.on data


      Is this a bug or i'm doing something wrong?