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    Can you simulate copying a cell expression in excel or update a variable in a chart expression?

      Can you update a variable in a chart expression?  I am trying to build a simple forward looking planning curve and base future values on past values.  I am using inter-record functions.  However, after one period in the future, the ABOVE function is no longer giving me what is in the row above.


      For example, I am using the following expression:


      =if(max(retrieveddate) < today(),rangeavg(ABOVE($(vNetChangeOpen),0,4)), ABOVE($(vAvgRollingChange),1))


      Basically this checks if I am in the future or not. 


      If in the past, do a calculation based on average or prior 4 rows for a variable.


      If in the future, I want to use the last value that was stored in a variable so look in prior row using ABOVE. 


      Works for first future row, then does not.  How would I keep repeating the same value when in the future?