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    Aggr query



      I have a complex query I am looking help with and would appreciated suggestions how to get it resolved. In the table below I have multiple test sets, and test cases which are attached to each test set (a test set is above a test case in the hiearchy and a test case can be in different test sets, e.g. Test case ID 1).


      What I want to find out is the number of Test sets that have been successfully passed (i.e. all test cases within a test set must have a status of "Passed") and also the date at which each have been completed (the date to use would be the max Test case complete date). I want to display the information in a text box and a bar chart. As per my example I have 2 test sets that are passed (Testset1 with a complete date of 21/01/12 and Testset4 with a complete date of 17/02/12).

      To get around the issue of Test case ID's being displayed in mulitple Test sets I created a new field and simply mergerd Test Set and Test case ID. I think aggr is the most appropiate method to resolve this but am having issues with this.






      Test setTest case IDTest case statusTest case complete date
      Testset37Not completed16/02/12