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    How do I script this?

      Good Morning,
      I have a question on how to do the following in my script.  My data looks like this:
      %KEY_VBRPConditionSales Deal
      After I load the data, I want to loop back through it and apply the Sales Deal that is associated with the ZDO5 condition to the ZP00 condition.  Both conditions have the same Key, %KEY_VBRP.  I am loading a lot of records where this will happen, the Condition value ZD05 will always have a Sales Deal #, but the ZP00 will not.  This is one example, but my data also has ZD00 conditions that are just like the ZP00 condition where the Sales Deal field is Null but I will need to take the Sales Deal # from the ZD05 value with the same key and apply it to the empty field.  Thanks,
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          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe just remove the Sales Deal field from your table load, then do a second load from your source only with field %KEY_VBRP and SalesDeal but using a where clause



          [Sales Deal]

          from ... where Condition = 'ZD05';




          So you have two tables linked by %KEY_VBRP. If you like you could left join the second table back to your first like


          Left join (FirstTable) LOAD


          [Sales Deal]

          from ... where Condition = 'ZD05';

          • How do I script this?
            Peter Rieper


            Have a look into the PREVIOUS- or PEEK-function, script might be:





            IF(Cond = 'ZP00' AND PREVIOUS(Key) = Key, PREVIOUS(Deal), Deal)     AS Deal



            ORDER BY

            Key ASC,

            Cond ASC;

            DROP TABLE Data;