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    Elimination of macros

    Consulting nn

      I have problems with macro getting QV stuck (CTRL+ALT+DEL) ... while I get any answer or possible diagnoses about this... I'm trying to kill all macros at least behind buttons. I cannot change the button text but I can use two buttons one of which desappears alternatively.


      In one case I have to assign to a variable a "formula" that in VBScript was like this:

      oggiVar.SetContent "=MonthEnd(MakeDate(%Year,%Month))", true


      If I try to do that with a string "xxx" using the Set Variable Action of the button it doesn't work (the variable is displayed as a text with the " only before ??)

      If I try to do it omitting the quoting the expression is calculated beforehand so that it doesn't change with the %Year %Month variables later on (the variable is displayed as a fixed date).


      How do you state that the function has to be taken LITERALLY?


      Thanks Flavio