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    Calculating percentage value in a chart



      I have one bar chart with two dimensions

      1) MonthYear (which has values like Jan 2010, Feb 2010, etc)

      2) Type (which has values 'A', 'B' and 'C')


      The expression shows the count of books for selected date range (I have two calender objects for that) for the respective monthyear and type.

      It is working fine, but what I need to display is percentage of each type of books for respective months.


      For e.g. in Jan 2010; there are total 500 books, out of which 100 are of type A, 200 each of type B and C.

      I want to display for Jan 2010, for type A, 20%, for type B and C 40% each. This should vary as per the count of books for other months.

      I am not getting how to achive it. Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance.


      My expression is


      =count({<Date = {">=$(vFromDate) <=$(vToDate)"}>} BookID)




      (As I am having personnel edition of qlikview; I will not be able to open any external .qvw file)