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    Expression Filtration Issue

      Goal - The chart is to only display rows where expression value is not equal to x.



      Suppress Zero - I wrapped all the equations within expression boxes in the chart to say, if x = 0 then display 0, or else do existing equation. This worked but it is not healthy looking. It is a bit of a hack so I dropped it!


      Code Behind - I know I can achieve the goal if I do the equation in the code behind and quite tidily too but I wish it could be easier than this, for example, a click of a button or writing a code into a separate expression field in the chart with a command to not display the line.


      Is there away around it other than those stated above?

      Is this a limit of Qlikview I am encountering?





        • Expression Filtration Issue
          Vijay Kumar

          Hi Andrew,


          You can use the expression1 Logistic Value= If(Sum(Logistic Value)<>Sum(Standard Value),Sum(Logistic Value)

          Expression2:  If(Sum(Logistic Value)<>Sum(Standard Value),Sum(Standard Value)

          Expressio3 = Column1-column2

          • Expression Filtration Issue
            jagan mohan rao appala



            Use the following expression


            Logistic Value =If([VarianceExpressionName] = 0, 0, LogisticValueExpression) //If variance is 0 then 0

            Standard Value = If([VarianceExpressionName] = 0, 0, StandardValueExpression) //If variance is 0 then 0

            VarianceExpression = VarianceExpression


            If all the expressions in straight/pivot table returns 0 then the row would be automatically removed by qlikview.