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    CALS assignment

      I have allocated Document CALs to 10 persons, but when they log onto Qlikview they keep taking a User CAL license. I realise this is probably due to the fact that I have the ‘allow dynamic cal assignment’ ticked. The trouble is that when I untick that box, new users that are trying to log onto the system and who will in theory take one of our 17 User CALs are unable to take a license at all.


      We have 10 Doc CALs and 17 User CALs so in theory should be able to have 27 people using Qlikvuiew at one time. At the moment we have a max capacity of 17 and means that we have to go on the server and manually free up licenses in order to let someone else log in.


      Essentially I just want 10 users to always take the Doc CALS, but then the other users to be able to have dynamic CAL assignment for the 17 user CALS.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • CALS assignment
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          CALs are assigned on an specific order. If a user access to the Server and there is available a User CAL, this will be always assigned first, unless dynamic assingment is disabled. So you will have to assign manually 10 Document CALs to their respective users and leave the Named User CALs to be leased dynamically so if a user logs in and has a User license assigned, this is used irrespective the Document CALs.


          Hope that makes sense.



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              Thanks Miguel.


              Do I have to allocate the Document CALS to users in order for them to work? If I removed the names from the Document CAL list and then checked the 'Allow dynamic assignment' on both the User CALS and Doc CALS list, would that mean that once the 17 User CALS had been taken up, the 10 Doc CALS would be used?


              Will this allow for 27 users to use the application?