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    IE-plugin fails for a japanese user...

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi folks,

      I have a QV-document used by some users without problems here in Sweden. Now a Japanese user have a problem when accessing via IE-Plugin ( I recommended that since it is a QV9 server). Below is his description. Any hints on what I can try to solve this?





      1. I installed "QvPluginSetup.exe" with the following options.

      - Pleaese select a language from the list below. -> English

      - Select Region Please select the region that corresponds to your current location. -> Japan



      2. When I select " IE Plugin", Browser stopped with the white window.

      "Java" and "AJAX zero footprint" are working.


        It did not improve even if I restarted PC and reinstalled "QvPluginSetup.exe" again.


      My PC is Windows XP (Japanese version)