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    Will Qlikview show zero results?

      I've got a Qlikview file that shows workflow errors to my users - ie a deadline has passed and paperwork hasn't been submitted.  Data comes from three tables and I make selections on three fields, save it as a bookmark and clear state, and publish it on our Qlikview server where the data refreshes daily.


      It shows my users a "current selections" box; a list box for each field where I've made selections; and a straight table chart with various details.  As long as my selection returns at least one entry, it works fine.


      But if my selection results in zero hits (ie there are no problems to fix), Qlikview arbitrarily (?) removes one of the selections, and instead of showing an (empty) list of the cases where the age is 1-4 months, it shows everything else.  Or instead of showing where there are no tasks created, it shows where there are tasks created.  This is confusing my users, as they suddenly think that 100s of cases have a problem, when in fact it's zero!


      I'd like to show my users an empty straight table chart (and the relevant selections in the current selections box) if there are zero results.


      Is this possible?