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    Using Set Analysis for Comparing Charts

      Hello together,


      i have one question:


      I have two Dimensions:


      Dimension 1 called Group with the fields A B C

      Dimension 2 called SubGroup with the fields a b c


      My Application should show 2 diagramms. The first one should contain values of A a and the second one should show values A b.

      I need the two diagramms to compare the values. If i select A a the diagramm should show the values of A a and then, if i select A b the first diagramm should stay on the screen and a second one for the values A b should be shown, so that i can compare the both diagramms with different values.

      I heard that i can realize this case with the Set Analysis Function but i don't know, how to do it.

      Can anyone please help me?