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    ETL in Qlikview?

      Hi All,


      Can some one please explain and share their thought about ETL in QlikView?




        • ETL in Qlikview?
          Jason Michaelides

          That's a pretty broad question!!


          To give a broad answer - my belief is that QlikView provides far superior ETL capabilities to standard databases. With proper use of QVD files and assuming that QV is the only BI tool you will use, I have found that a transformed data warehouse is not needed.


          The main difference is that the ETL in QlikView need not aggregate the data as - until you get into many hundreds of millions of rows with many users - it is perfectly capable of building aggregated charts and tables from the transactional data on the fly.  Even if you need aggregated data to improve performance, this is very easy to do.


          Hope this helps,



          • ETL in Qlikview?
            Michael Tarallo

            Hello At titude ... you may find this post interesting.


            http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2831 - expressor QlikView Integration


            Extract Transform and Load - by themselves are broad terms.


            For example: What is it you want to Extract, how is to be Transformed, and where does it need to be Loaded to (or streamed to)? - These initial questions spawn numerous questions which can get out of control if not properly managed or carefully planned. Oh and don't forget, that there is always the question if the data needs to be cleansed and consolidated.


            The greater answer is that it always depends on the application, the data, the users and the questions that need to be answerd by those users. Then there is: how quickly are you able to get those answers, and who is it you have to rely on to prepare the systems to give you those answers?


            Scripting and expression building can suffice, but there might be some other level of advanced integration that cannot be achieved, which then requires a complimentary solution that can.


            Believe me, I am not a fan of the "well, it depends" answer - but unfortunately when it comes to Business Discovery there is more than one answer surrounding "ETL"


            expressor has innovated a great way to combine simplified data integration with simplified business discovery by introducing QlikView integration in to its Data Integration platform.


            Check out the above link and let me know what you think.



            Michael Tarallo

            Technology Evangelist

            expressor software



              • ETL in Qlikview?

                Thanks Jason and Micheal! Your answer was helpful...

                  • Re: ETL in Qlikview?

                    Michael congrats on the Expressor acquisition by QlikView. I am excited by the possibilities. And I strongly believe, QlikView can now be used as an ETL tool easily, making it as a cost and performance efficient ETL tool. Have had some experience in doing the same in a few customers.


                    In my recent book "QlikView for Enterprises" I devoted two full chapters on ETL with QlikView.


                    All we require are:

                    1. A proper metadata management, which I think will be improved by Expressor integration.

                    2. A good way to push data into other data stores - apart from QVDs. Hope some solution comes along quickly to address this need.