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    User Management

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           I am new to qlikview. I have some doubts about user management. How can i create new user for Qlikview. I am already done with my Qlikview Server and Web Server installation but i am not able to see any users under "User Management" Tab in Management Console. Any answer will be appriciated.

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          By default - in this case a standard installation - QlikView is setup to lease out the CAL' s available according to the LEF-file. As soon as a user browse into the AccessPoint - http://yourserver/qlikview - and open a document he/ she will get a licens.



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            Michael Robertshaw

            The User Management screen of the QMC allows you to browse possible users from the configured repositories, and inspect their Group Membership, CAL assignments and Collaboration activity. It doesn't enable you to add/change/delete a User anywhere.


            With the exception of the QlikView Custom Directory, Users are not created within QlikView. Authentication is configured on the WebServer (QlikView WebServer and IIS use Active Directory or Windows Local Accounts without further configuration) then Authorisation within the product leverages whatever repositories of Group Membership are configured on the Directory Service Connector.


            In the screen shot you've supplied you'll see a "Search In" dropdown. Any available Directory Service Provider (eg Active Directory) configured on the QEMC > System > Setup > Directory Service Connector will be shown here. NB, run the QlikView Directory Service Connector service as a Domain Account for convenient authentication from the service to the Active Directory. That account should be a member of local Administrators and local QlikView Administrators but should be a simple Domain User account (not a Domain Administrator).