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      I have this expression: Count(if(Round(Interval(Max(financial_date)-created_date)/30)<6,OrigCustomerNumber,0))


      but this is not working, how can I count the customer numbers that fulfill the if condition?


      Thank you!

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          Celambarasan Adhimulam


               You can achieve this by using sum instead of count..



          Hope it helps



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              another question sir,


              I have a calculated dimension:

              =if((Year(ProductCreatedDate)=$(vMaxFinYear) and (ProductCreationMonth= $(vCurrMonth)) ) and item_type='Sales Inventory',item_description)


              my variable $(vCurrMonth) contains different months depending on the selections made by the user.(can be multiple)


              $(vCurrMonth) = 'Jun' OR 'Jul' OR 'Sep'


              but this is not working, why? please do help me on this.