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    Count Top10 & Formula Delivery Relaibility

      Dear all


      I do have a problem configuring 2 formulaa for the following scenario:

      I waoukld like to calculate the delivery relaibility with a certain formula x (see below).

      I do have a database which is updated daily. Form the daily new configred database I wanna take the Top ten sales suplliers (price *quantity) and take out of them the top ten with the count formula {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} or rank formular and calculate thte delviery relaibility out of those top 10s.


      The top ten I arranged as follows:

      rank( Sum (





          ) )


      Delivery realivbility forumlas is as follows in my example

      sum(If(POA.delivery_adherence<>0,1,0))/ count(If(POA.delivery_adherence<>0,1,0))


      How to connect those 2 formuals, could any body help me with this, or give any suggestions?


      Thnak you