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    2 conditions within 1 expression

    Sandeep Hamelink

      Dear users,


      i came across a challenge. I would like to add another condition to this expression.It counts all the documents within a defined period. This period starts with vStardDate and ends with vEndDate. This expression works like a charm.



      COUNT ({< UDATE = {'>=$(=Date(vStartDate))<=$(=Date(vEndDate))'} >} DOCUMENT_COUNT)


      I use fourset statements within the load script:


      SET vStartDate ='38353'; // Een integer dat hetzelfde is als: 18-10-2007
      SET vEndDate ='40544'; // Een integer dat hetzelfde is als: 02-02-2012
      SET ScorecardStart ='1'; //De eerste gedeinifeerde subset (zie SUBSETQUERY)
      SET ScoreCardEnd ='39'; //De laatste gedeinifeerde subset (zie SUBSETQUERY)


      But i would like to use another condition. I also want to be able to choose a scorecard. I made to set statements as seen above. I would like to do the same as i did with defining a period using vstartdate and vEndDate.


      I try to use this expression, but it did not work. Anyone any suggestions?


      COUNT ({< UDATE = {'>=$(=Date(vStartDate))<=$(=Date(vEndDate))'} >} and {< SCORECARDNUMBER = {'>=$(=ScorecardStart)<=$(=ScoreCardEnd)'} >} DOCUMENT_COUNT)




      I added the complete file for better understanding.