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    Document Chaining with Document Cals

      can someone let me know the pitfulls of document chaining if using document cals. Is it as literal as needing a document cal for each document being opened???


      We are looking at building a menu app as an alternative to the user getting to the target apps through accesspoint therefore allowing us to do more with the branding.

        • Document Chaining with Document Cals
          Dave Riley

          If rebranding of Accesspoint is all you need, then this is easily done by amending one or more of the following files which reside on the server (Program Files\Qlikview\Web\) ...







          I'm by no means an expert in html or javascript, but I got a much better layout with company logos, side bar with links to other pages, etc by tinkering with these files.  Of course make sure you back up the original files and along the way if not sure what you're doing. 


          I'd hazard a guess that the document chaining will use more CALs than you want.