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    Set analysis - calculate on one level - show on another



      I have made a set expression where I have chosen that the calculation should never go lower than a certain level in the product hierarchy.



      I use this expression for KPI 2:

      sum({$< SubCategory = , Segment = , Product =  >} total <Category, Country, CategoryGroup> Value)

      The problem is that it shows all the products independent on whether they contribute to the total or not.

      KPI 1 shows the which products that have value (sum(Value) )



      How do I tell the chart only to show the products that have value and still get my Category limit and my totals?

      I have tried with this:

      sum({$< SubCategory = , Segment = , Product = , Value={">1"}  >}total <Category, Country, CategoryGroup> Value)

      but it still shows to many Products. I think I have to tell the expression that Value={">1"} have to be calculated at Productlevel but how to I do that?


      I appreciate all the help I can get ☺