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    Average Minimum in Expression Calculation

      I have two date fields, "update_date" and "add_date". There are multiple update dates for each corresponding customer, but only one add date, as shown:


      11/7/2011 9:56:21 PM


      11/15/2011 6:12:16 PM
      11/15/2011 4:46:01 PM
      11/15/2011 3:19:17 PM
      11/15/2011 1:07:36 PM


      What I need to do in a chart (via an expression named "Approval") is calculate the average difference between the earliest update date and the submit date. What I have now is:




      This doesn't give me what I need, though. What I need is (theoretically) the following:




      While that checks out in Qlikview, that makes the Approve expression disappear from both the chart and the legend altogether. I tried using "Max" instead of  "Min" in the expression in the hopes that it would reappear at all  but no luck. I'm hoping this is just a syntax error; any help is appreciated.