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    IF in set identifier

      Hello The Community,


      So far, the community has answered all my question before asking, but now I'm stuck. So I hope you guys will help me


      Here's the thing:

      I am deseperatly trying to include an "IF" in a set identifer, but none of what I tried so far worked.

      I am trying to count the number of existing Field_2 where Field_1 = vVariable_1, but if vVariable_1 is null, then I must count all the Field_2.

      here is an example:

      = count({$< Field_1 = If( IsNull( $(vVariable_1) ),'{*}',$(vVariable_1))>} Field_2)


      I hope I made myself clear enough you would help me out.


      Thanks in advance

        • IF in set identifier
          Stefan Wühl

          Why not create a second variable (let's call it vVariableCountExp):

          =If( IsNull( $(vVariable_1) ),'"*"',$(vVariable_1))


          and then use vVariableCountExp in your set element:

          = count({$< Field_1 = {$(vVariableCountExp)} >} Field_2)


          I don't think that you can use an if-conditon in the set element directly.



          • IF in set identifier
            jagan mohan rao appala



            Can you try like this


            If( IsNull( $(vVariable_1) ),  count({$< Field_1 = {'*'}>} Field_2),    

                 count({$< Field_1 = {$(vVariable_1)}>} Field_2))


            Hope this helps you.




              • IF in set identifier

                Okay that works for one.


                But in fact, I have 4 différent Fields to set.

                Like Count({$<Field_1 = X1, Field_2 = X2, Field_3 = X3, Field_4 = X4>} Field_5)

                And for each one I have to select either the Value of Xn or *.


                It would mean to many imbricated to many different if, to assure all possible solution.