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    Set Analysis - Expressions and Dimensions



      I have the following QV10 set analysis expression :


      =sum( {$< [Reporting Code 1] = {CSE},

             [Fiscal Year] = {"<=$(=max([Fiscal Year]))"} > } [Amount]) 


      The single dimension of the chart is also [Fiscal Year].


      Unfortunately when I use this expression, and select 2010, all of the years of the above set are displayed in the chart. I would like to select 2010 and see the sum of the amount for all years up to and including the selected year. As a stand alone expression this works fine.


      When I use it in the [Fiscal Year] dimensioned chart I now see 3 columns - for 2008, 2009 and 2010. For some reason the presence of the 3 years in the modified set is becoming visible in the chart even although only one year has been selected.


      Any help with this would be mcuh appreciated.