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    Very tricky ...



      Really very tricky... (i think... )


      Says, i'm counting the number of days for a complaint ticket resolution.

      From the date it's logged into the system until it is closed.


      So, i will have complaint ticket like....(also the data structure)


      Case 1 - 44 days - 27/Jan/2011

      Case 2 - 20 days - 2/Feb/2011

      Case 3 - 60 days - 3/Feb/2011


      Then, i want to make a line chart, to see some trend. for average days. basically sum(days)/ number of cases


      For case 1,


      Jan, count of case = 1, day=4 (because there was 31 days in Jan 2011)

      Feb, count of case = 1, day = 30 (assume there was 30 days for Feb 2011)
      Mar, count of case = 1, day=10


      For case 2,


      Jan, count of case = 1, day=20




      The purpose of this is to really look at the time needed to serve a complaint.

      so ultimately, to improse the service.

      it doesnt really matter if we just set that a month has 30 days to make it easier.


      Hope some expert will be able to help?