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    Display NullCount(Expression)  values

    Abraham Deme

      Hi everyone,


      I have a slight problem and wondered if you lovely people can help me out here. I'm using the below if statement to display 3 options in a list box:

      1. Display accounts with multiple write offs  (identified by their installation number)

      2. Display accounts with single write offs

      3. Display accounts where somehow there was a write-off but for some odd reasons, the installation is coming up as Null


      if(count(distinct Installation) = 1 AND count(distinct Document_Number) >1 AND Installation <> '','Multiple Write Offs Accounts',

         if(count(distinct Installation) = 1 AND  count(distinct Document_Number)= 1, 'Single Write Offs Accounts',

          if(NullCount(Installation), 'Write offs where Installation is null' ))) as Write_Off_Segmentation



      The first two work absolutely fine, it's just the 3rd option will only bring a count of one and no data show up. It is recognising something since, the option does come up in the list box.



      Note: When i use NullCount(Installation) in a chart box expression, it does bring the values. So please help me out.


      Thanks in advance.