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    Set Expressions Problem

    Stefan van Diepen

      Hello to all,


      I am encountering a problem using a Set Expression. Here is what i want:


      to show the sum of my Net Sales over:

      - Company Code 'NL'

      - Year '2012'

      - Intern/Extern: 'Extern'

      - Period: previous period (Period = Month)


      Now as you can see, the first three are constants, and I had no trouble building them in, as follows:


      =sum({1 <CompanyCode={'NL'},[Intern/ Extern]={'Extern'},Year={'2012'}>}NetSales)


      This one works: no matter what I select, the Net Sales shown is based on these 3.


      Next, I want to add the last one. However, no matter what I try, I can't get it to work...

      I tried adding a 'today' function, combining it with a 'mid' function, something like this:


      =sum({1 <CompanyCode={'NL'},[Intern/ Extern]={'Extern'},Year={'2012'},Period={mid(today(0),5,1)}>}NetSales)


      Today(0) gives '15/02/2012', so mid(5,1) gives '2'. However, it gives an error (Error in set modifier ad hoc element list:) and I can't get it right...

      Anyone have any idea how I can automatically let QV show the data from the previous month?


      Thanks in advance!


      Kind regards,