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    Do year to date total in a pivot table chart



      Please can you help me with this. I have a pivot table, CONDITION down the left axis and DISMONTH along the top axis. These are my dimension.


      The expression and the values in the pivot table are at present a count of a unique identifier, CRN. So I have count of CRN by the CONDITION and by the DISMONTH in my pivot. What I want to do though is make this count a year to date count of the CRN. Hence displayed for DISMONTH Apr-2011 would be May-2010 to Apr-2011's count. For DISMONTH May-2011 you would have the year to date count Jun-2010 to May-2011.


      I've tried a few things but ultimately to no avail. Any help, pointers greatly appreciated. Best wishes.