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    Expression formatting affecting Label (Header of the Expression) Format

    Anurag Bharat



      I am facing a problem while setting the format of any expression in a Pivot table. For example below I have Sells figures for each month. Now in a pivot table I am showing the total Sell for each month. So in the Dimentions I used Month and in the expression I used Sum(Sell).


      Now I want to format the Expression(Total Sell) as per condition. Here I am using if the total sell is more than 30 it will be Green else Red. Though its working, but problem is The Label (Header of the Expression) is also getting formatted, which I dont want.






      Its not only the background color, its happening in case of text format, Text color also. Can anyone help how to avoid this or where I am going wrong.

      I am using QV 9 SR 6.