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    QlikView Active Domain Users and CALs

      Dear all,


      I am trying to setup the QlikView Server 10 SR4 64bit on a company which the access will be only from the same LAN of the company (not from outside) and the users are the same of the Domain Active Directory, otherwise they are not allowed to reach the IP (Acces Point).


      I have already installed QlikView Server, opened ports 80, 443, 4747, 4780 and I can reach the access point but while trying to login it appears "Login failed".


      How can I name the user CALs and also define the group of users allowed to login to QlikView from the Active Domain of the company? The users are not define on the server, only in the domain. I thought it should be in QEMC: System --> Setup --> Directory Service Connectors --> DSC@server_name --> Active Directory (or Configurable LDAP).


      Please help!

        • QlikView Active Domain Users and CALs
          Brent Nichol

          I have a similar environment configuration,but I don't experience a login prompt.  The only time I've seen a prompt is when a user's password has expired during their session.  We are using NTFS.


          How is the security tab configured (QEMC > System > Setup > QVS > Security)?




            • QlikView Active Domain Users and CALs

              Hello B,


              Thank you for your reply.


              Security tab configuration:



              How should I configure the Directory Service Connectors? I can reach the access point from the server and from a computer on the network but I cannot login. The login is always failed, even trying with server's local users.



              - Gabriel

              Clients         Anonymous Account
              Always anonymous
              Allow anonymous
              Prohibit anonymous
                      On domain
              On local computer
                  NTFS authorization (Windows controls file access)
                  DMS authorization (QlikView controls file access)
                Allow dynamic data update       Allow macro execution on server
                Allow unsafe macro execution on server       Allow admin using name and password
                Enable server push over HTTP tunnels       Compress network traffic
                Allow Extensions     
              Alternate build number:         
              Alternate document root:     QEMC.PNG