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    error en suma

    Omar Landeo Quispe

      Espero que me puedan ayudar, el problema que tengo es que hay un campo que le estoy poniendo una formula y esta sumando mal, lo que sucede que el yo estoy poniendo si tiene fecha, sumar, pero lo que esta haciendo es que apesar que no tenga fecha igual esta sumando en total, espero que me puedan ayudar adjunto el qlikview







      I hope I can help, the problem I have is that there is a field that I am putting a formula and is adding wrong, what happens that I'm getting if you have time, add, but what you are doing is that despite not this sum has the same date in all, I hope you can help me attach the qlikview

        • error en suma

          Hi Omar, I'm unable to view this as I have the personal edition only on my home PC. Could you detail the expression that you are using for total? This could help me find the problem, thanks.



            • Re: error en suma
              Omar Landeo Quispe

              Hi Erika, I'm doing the sum on the condition if




              but that sums it all





                    IF([WTS INV. AMOUNT] * 0.0025 < 100, 100, Sum([WTS INV. AMOUNT]*0.0025))


              CARGO COMISION BCP


                    Sum(Aggr(IF([WTS INV. AMOUNT] * 0.0025 < 100, 100, Sum([WTS INV. AMOUNT])*0.0025),PO))