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    Duplicate key  and the Inputfield

    Marian Szetyinszki

      I have a table in my  application containing a long detailed sales history  data.

      I use an inputfield to be able to simulate changes in profit by means o adjusting the GM%.

      When I load the table in  older  QV  (v9) there is no issue.

      I had to continue the development in a separate PC (out of server) with QV v.10 ,

      When I load the script , it ends with an error :

      Duplicate keys when loading  Input Field

      and the applicatiom re-starts


      This happend only in QV v.10.

      When I delete the line with INPUTFIELD (load w/o the Inputfield),  the script runs OK in QV10 (but I cannot use inputsum of course)


      1) What does that error mean and why only in a newer QV?

      2) how to find the root couse of the error?


      original script: