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    How to concatenate data into existing qvd?(memory problem)

      Hello everyone,


      Well here is my problem, I want to concatenate  data of one table into an existing qvd, the thing is, its kind of to much data for our server to handle, so if we try to "LOAD" all the data we need to store, the server goes out of ram memory and die.


      What we are doing is spliting the content of the table into diferent qvds, so I get for example 4 qvds with data that belongs to the same table, and we want to store all of it into the same qvd.

      what I want to do is for example, read data of qvd1, and concatenate it into qvd2 without reading qvd2, is this possible?

      this kind of a thing I gotta do before a we get a new server with much more ram memory.


      Thanks in advance