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    Set Analysis - applying filters to result set

      Hi All,


      I'm having trouble with my set analysis expression.  I was able to get the following to work, which limits my data to the previous years' data for the selected date range.

      Sum({1<TRADE_DATE_T = {'>=$(=num(AddYears(min({$} TRADE_DATE_T),-1))) <=$(=num(AddYears(max({$} TRADE_DATE_T),-1)))'}>} [TOTAL])


      Now I need it to be limited by the user filter SECTOR as well.  I tried something like this, but it didn't work


      Sum({1<SECTOR = P({1<TRADE_DATE_T = {'>=$(=num(AddYears(min({$} TRADE_DATE_T),-1))) <=$(=num(AddYears(max({$} TRADE_DATE_T),-1)))'}>} SECTOR), SECTOR = {$(=Only(SECTOR))}>} [TOTAL])